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The Pulse

Contest Disputes

John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath, won the 1940 Pulitzer Prize. While beloved by many now, the book initially was controversial, criticized and “publicly banned and burned by citizens” for promoting communist propaganda, according to the National Steinbeck Center website.

The Seeker

His quest would eventually give birth to Big Little Man, his taboo-busting narrative, published last year to rave reviews. The Library Journal lauded the book as “revelatory and sobering.” Kirkus Reviews called it “a deft and illuminating memoir and cultural history.”

The Change Agent

While most writers aim only to describe their world, he wants to fix it. In the written word, Chang has found his tool. But making repairs is difficult when the world won’t wait.

Family Guy

Eighteen months and 1,000 pages of interviews later, Jeff wrote a 150-page book proposal and submitted it to 25 publishing houses. All but three turned him down, saying the story was “too dark” or that “no one would read it.” Of the three houses that wanted the work, Jeff chose Scribner because he felt its editor, Colin Harrison, would make him go deeper with his research, even at the expense of Jeff feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

The Tribesman

He's passionate, dedicated, emotional, and a little verbose. George Getschow tells Michael J. Mooney why the Mayborn tribe cares so darn much about narrative. 

by Michael J. Mooney

Tricky Business

What I do is tell stories. I try to make them read like the stories I like to read, the ones that captivate me, motivate me. The stories that make me think about life in a different way.