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Married in blue jeans

From the moment I had met this person he swore he’d never shatter my guarded heart. In reality, I severed the relationship almost beyond repair and self handily fractured his benevolence.

Critical Thinking

Jefferson observes and critiques others for a living, but she has spent much of her own life under the microscope, which she chronicled in her 2015 memoir Negroland.

Where Are They Now?

The prize-winning articles that alumni crafted over the decades document cities struggling with race relations, violence against women across the globe and dubious U.S. Marine Corps recruiting practices. These were the hard stories: They were hard to report; they were hard to write; they were hard to witness.

Living in the moment

Some survivors slept inside the hotel devoid of electricity and water. Others, like Guzy, opted to sleep in the open for fear of finding themselves buried in rubble, a standard result of aftershocks.

Self-taught, self-made

Earlier that morning, the Pulitzer Prize-winning health and science writer ran across a news clip buried in the back pages of his newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and knew that his daily routine wasn’t going to go as planned.