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Manny Fernández

Manny Fernández Manny Fernández is the Houston bureau chief for The New York Times. From 2005 to 2011, he covered New York City for the paper’s Metro section, writing about politics, housing and the many characters and oddities of the city. Since 2011, he has covered Texas and Oklahoma, in addition to breaking news in other parts of the country. Fernández has reported, on the ground and on deadline, on the Ebola crisis in Dallas, rioting in Ferguson, Mo., and mass shootings, industrial explosions, tornadoes, floods and droughts. During lulls in the news, he has tried to capture what makes Texas Texas, writing about bootmakers, barbecue critics, truck rodeos, fishing fraud and Texans named Texas. Fernández began reporting for The Times in 2005. He was part of a team of reporters whose coverage of a fire in the Bronx that killed 10 people from West Africa in 2007 was named a Pulitzer Prize finalist for breaking news reporting. He has also worked for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post.