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Evan Wright

Evan Wright is the recipient of two National Magazine Awards, one in the reporting category and the other for profile writing. Since studying medieval history at Vassar College and getting his first writing job as a porn reviewer at Hustler magazine, he has enjoyed covering crime stories, profiling outsiders and embedding in wars. He adapted his book, “Generation Kill” into a miniseries for HBO. Overall, he believes it's a rigged system, at least half of all people are phonies and everybody is lying at one time or another, most often when they are talking to a reporter. And he sides with writer Christopher Goffard's general dictum, "Don't take orders from anyone who doesn't have the power to fire you." He also thinks time is a writer's friend. Given enough, it spent with subjects and writing and re-writing, any piece will generally work out. Currently, he's writing a long-form piece of reporting for Amazon Publishing and a memoir about brainwashing for Putnam Random House .