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Tribe Writers

The Power of Words

Even in a world where pictures, videos and sounds are creating buzz through social media platforms, it is the power of words, the ability to craft a narrative and tell a story that provides the context, the depth and understanding that helps inform and engage us.

Where Are They Now?

In the 12 years since The Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference made its debut, we’ve seen quite a few faces come and go. Here’s what some of the members of “the tribe” have been up to since they last graced our summer stage.

Live from The Mayborn


On showing up:

One common refrain in many of the talks and panel discussions that resonated with me had to do with "showing up.” Kevin Merida, managing editor of The Washington Post, said when he was researching and reporting for his biography of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas he sent out letters requesting interviews that almost invariably were denied. But when he showed up in person, people would talk to him.