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Family Guy

by Michele Leone

As the windy two-lane road rises past the brick wall fortifications obscuring celebrity mansions, Jeff Hobbs’ nostrils fill with the hint of crisp mountain air. His mind wanders. He imagines meandering through shady oak and sycamore trees, and arriving at the summit — the sprawling city of Los Angeles below, the sun glinting off the Pacific Ocean, and the solitude, mainly the solitude.

“Are we there yet?” squeaks Lucy, his 5-year-old.

His intense green eyes widen and focus on the road as it steepens, twists and narrows to one lane.

A "Monstrous" Novel

Bob Shacochis is a 2014 Pulitzer Prize finalist in nonfiction for his new novel, The Woman Who Lost Her Soul. Here in the debut issue of Mayborn magazine in 2008, he was still slogging away at the book, unsure he would ever finish it. This fall, he also won the Dayton Literary Peace Prize for the book. Much to his frustration, the prizes have yet to turn into money in the bank.

Hunkered down in the Wilderness, Betrothed to a Monstrous Novel

By Bob Shacochis

Image by Chris Boss

The Tribesman

He's passionate, dedicated, emotional, and a little verbose. George Getschow tells Michael J. Mooney why the Mayborn tribe cares so darn much about narrative. 

by Michael J. Mooney

Tricky Business

What I do is tell stories. I try to make them read like the stories I like to read, the ones that captivate me, motivate me. The stories that make me think about life in a different way.

Confronting My Demons and Finding My Dad

If you Google Stephen Rodrick’s name, one of the first things that pops up  is The New York Times Magazine article on Stephen and Lindsay Lohan. No, they’re not an item. They were fellow cellmates during the 21-day shoot of Paul Schrader’s movie The Canyons, which stars Lohan in what Stephen calls her “creative misbehaving” mode.