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Writing from the Edge

More than 15 years after its birth, Spirit remains a literary phenomenon. It’s sold more than a million copies. It’s become a book-in-common at more than 25 colleges and universities. Journalism classes use Spirit as a casebook for cross-cultural sensitivity. And medical practitioners use it as a resource to better understand how to effectively care for patients from other cultures.

Digging for Gold

By Bill Streever


Writers work instinctively, at least in early drafts. With that in mind I sometimes review my own work, asking various versions of one basic question: “Why did I write it like that?”

The Odd Couple

Brian Sweany was named editor-in-chief of Texas Monthly in 2014. Here in the 2009 Mayborn magazine, he discusses the relationship between editor and writer, in this case, Skip Hollandsworth, whose 1998 story in Texas Monthly about the murder of wealthy widow Marjorie Nugent in East Texas became the 2011 movie “Bernie.”

Mr. Universe

Lonely Hearts and Einstein in Love

Dennis Overbye Peers into the Personal Side of the Greatest Minds in Cosmology, Astronomy and Physics

by Amelia Jaycen

Close Encounters with a Rattlesnake

Close Encounter with a Rattlesnake: The Science and Art of Science Writing

By Michelle Nijhuis / photos courtesy of Beth Maynor Young and Jeff Barbee

As a science writer, I've tagged along with researchers while they pursued puffins, bats, golden-mantled ground squirrels, freshwater mussels and the sperm of endangered Caribbean coral. (Ask me about that last one sometime.) But my career began with an uncomfortably close look at a rattlesnake.

My Mommy is a Superhero

Amy Dockser Marcus, pen in hand, seeks to turn back time for her cancer-stricken mother

By Staci Parks

In an instant, life changes. The most meticulously laid plans fall into the shadows. Our perspective shifts. Our true character emerges. The essence of our human spirit makes itself known in ways we never knew possible.

Amy Dockser Marcus will never forget her instant.