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Lessons from Archer City

By Dave Tarrant

Lessons from Archer City

But if you’re a writer, you can’t pick up the phone and call for help. You wait. You stick out your thumb. You feel a nervous excitement mixed with uncertainty. Will I get there? How long will it take? What if I get stuck?

A river trickles through it

As the water started evaporating, the water on the bottom of the ponds became too hot for the turtles, causing them to die from the heat. They sank to the bottom of the ponds to deteriorate.

Teens rule

This is just a municipal courthouse in the suburbs of Fort Worth, after all, not a high-security federal courthouse. Or a prison. That’s the idea: Start them out here in Teen Court, in a civil and respectful environment, and maybe they won’t end up there.

The trip to nowhere

Ten minutes pass. Then twenty. No giggling. No comfortable numbness. No nothing. Unaware that the stuff takes at least a half hour to kick in, we figure we got ripped off.


Will’s secret is mine as well, and it’s slowing destroying us both. I am addicted to a junkie, and I’m becoming a junkie myself.

The fat blind man and the podcast

A cheeseburger, sub the burger meat out for bison meat. No bun. Pepper jack cheese. Chopped up serrano peppers on the burger. A side of blue cheese dressing and a side of the buffalo wing sauce. Chips. Oh, and no veggies. A diet Coke.

Living without water

We need to learn how to treat water as something other than a liquid that comes from a bottomless pit into our houses.


“I got your back, Bro.” It was our manifesto. We said it to each other at blackjack tables, on dangling rock climbs, in alleys in dark, exotic locales.

Married in blue jeans

From the moment I had met this person he swore he’d never shatter my guarded heart. In reality, I severed the relationship almost beyond repair and self handily fractured his benevolence.

Crossing the line

“Hablando se entiende la gente.” “By talking people understand each other.”

My encounter with Koresh

It was rare but for the first time in my life I felt like a deer caught in oncoming lights. He walked over to a display but kept smiling eyes synched to mine.


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